Sigit Purwadi on Medium

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Medium is a relatively new publishing platform, having launched in August 2012. That’s a full 10 years behind WordPress–at least when you consider how long WordPress has been around–but it’s become a staple among the internet’s blogging scene.

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Medium was started by the same fella who helped start Twitter, Evan Williams. His involvement is important because more than anything (well, outside of being a publishing platform), Medium is about social connections and people. The content is important, of course, but the number of ways that writers and their audience is fundamental to the experience.

You can clap for articles you like, share with friends and followers, and even highlight portions of text to comment directly onto instead of starting a thread after everything is said and done (though that is possible, too). Then, those comments are linked back to your own profile, where your followers can see them and join in on the conversation.

Medium is clean. No, not in terms of content rating, but in terms of design, style, and UX. It just works.

Medium is a writer’s platform if there ever was one. Sure, you can embed images and videos. But they are kept to a functional minimum. They aren’t the focus. The words are.

A white background with black text in a single column in the center of the screen. That’s all you need to get your point across. Heck, sometimes there isn’t even a menu bar at the top.

When you use Medium for your blog, you’re saying that yes, content is king and words are his bannermen.